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Next-Generation is now

Having pioneered the introduction of IP in railway networks, Kapsch CarrierCom has anticipated the next step and prepared their portfolio towards next-generation architecture. Leveraging our unique expertise and focus on mission-critical networks, this evolution is not taken as a simple transposition of solutions already available for public networks but integrates the specific requirements this market demands for security and reliability as well as the specifics of railway networks environment.

  • Our LTE solution for railways has been certified by Notified Body.
  • Our labs integrate today end-to-end MCPTT based solution, enabling the enhanced support of railway specific services and interconnecting with GSM-R networks to best prepare for technology co-existence and smooth transition.

In line with early choice to introduce software based solutions and virtualization in today’s GSM-R networks, Kapsch CarrierCom next-generation portfolio will continue leveraging Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and open and modular design to provide required flexibility for evolution and efficient lifecycle management.

Our active leader role in railway standards as well as our engagement in Shift2Rail research and innovation as sole infrastructure supplier ensure the optimal fit of our portfolio to the needs of railway networks evolution.


The majority of requirements from the FRMCS project user requirements specification v3.0 have been handed over to the 3GPP system architecture working group SA1 and are expected to be captured within 3GPP Release 15 and 16. Taking into consideration the planned timelines published by the European Agency for railways and UIC, which foresee migration projects to start from 2023 onwards, it can be anticipated that the basis for the deployments of FRMCS will be 3GPP Rel. 16. Furthermore there are essentially two 3GPP Radio Access Network technology candidates that could be considered as primary radio system for FRMCS. First, the mature and commercially deployed Fourth Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) including evolutions such as LTE-Advanced and second, the upcoming Fifth Generation (5G) which has recently passed its major milestone with regard to phase 1 standardization. Kapsch CarrierCom is actively contributing and driving the involved working groups including ETSI technical committee for railway telecommunication, 3GPP WG SA1 and SA6. In addition the activities for technology demonstrator TD2.1 adaptable communication system within the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking led by Kapsch CarrierCom is closely collaborating with the FRMCS project and feeding relevant standardization bodies with the results and deliverables created in the X2Rail-1 research and innovation project funded by Horizon 2020.


The Kapsch CarrierCom state-of-the-art application server platform which supports the 3GPP Rel.13 MCPTT functionality with the product plan to support enhancements defined in Rel.14 as well as future FRMCS features. Our world-class application server solution supports a wide range of interfaces, from SS7/SIGTRAN to SIP based signalling, modern stacks like HTTP/JSON to address business requirements, to OAM centric protocols to support the overall system management.

Next-Generation end-user devices

Based on its large experience in mission-critical environments, Kapsch CarrierCom offers several new concepts for end user devices or onboard subsystems, which enable non-mission-critical application to run in parallel and fully decoupled from mission-critical applications. The approach supports targeted upgrade procedures, enables certification simplification, a comprehensive fall-back capability and a flexible usage of a common commercial off-the-shelf hardware platform. Kapsch CarrierCom has the R&D capability to develop custom applications for mission-critical or non-mission-critical use cases addressing specific operational requirements or enhancing the end user experience of railway staff during their daily duty.


Kapsch CarrierCom has a specific focus on PS-LTE proposal to address mission-critical customers such as Utilities on the following products and solutions:

  • A modern distributed base station / eNodeB solution derived from our railways solution.
  • A flexible core network solution based on commercial hardware platforms enabling specific mission-critical applications and support functions.
  • A state-of-the-art application server platform which supports the 3GPP Rel.13 MCPTT functionality with the plan to support further 3GPP enhancement.