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Thank you for your visit.We are looking forward to seeing you at InnoTrans 2020.

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Next-Generation Inside.

Mission-critical communication is in our DNA. We are building the bridge to the future of mobile communication for railways around the world. Join us to take a ride in the Driver´s Cabin and experience our next-generation network, terminals and applications.

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Experience Our Next-Generation at Innotrans

Come and grasp the reality of Kapsch CarrierCom next-generation solution at our booth through our drivers’ cabin. Using Kapsch CarrierCom end-to-end network infrastructure, you will experience

  • How railway services can evolve and enrich with no compromise to their critical mission
  • How GSM-R and next world are bridging to ensure service continuity

Discover the borderless capabilities of next-generation solution to expand applications for improved railway operational efficiency and user experience.

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GSM-R Portfolio

Designed from the beginning for mission-critical usage, Kapsch’s Railway Dedicated Networks (RDN) portfolio provides the critical mix of scalability, railway features and high reliability operators need. With more than 83,000 kilometers of access technology and R4 based core networks in over 25 countries, Kapsch CarrierCom solutions are trusted by railway operators around the world.

Through an active role in standards and as an associated member of the European railway innovation program Shift2Rail, Kapsch CarrierCom has fully engaged their portfolio into Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) evolution. Our products are designed to ensure a smooth networks transition to next-generation with an evolution enabling virtualized and simplified deployments, all IP/SIP architecture and services harmonization.

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Digitalization for Mission Critical Networks

Digitalization is transforming each industry - also railway transportation, where it allows operators to increase the capacity and reliability of track infrastructure and to deploy a host of new applications that improve service quality and customer experience. The process of digital transformation also prepares operators and authorities for future technologies and wireless standards that will support rich applications and new business models.

Our three main topics in digitalization are:

Communication networks solution
IoT - Connectivity and Backoffice

Turn mobility into a service

Service solution FluidHub developed by Fluidtime, a Kapsch Group company, is used to harmonize data from multiple transport services in order to aggregate and enrich it into useful mobility information and workflows. At our booth, Fluidtime will show pre-integrated transport services from numerous cities and regions. Visit us and learn how to plan trips, book transport services and experience the ease of integrating and configuring new services into the FluidHub platform.

  • FluidHub is a Software-as-a-Service solution
  • Configurable FluidHub add-on products
  • Easy set-up and a quick market launch of new solutions
  • 10 years of experience in integrated mobility
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About us

Kapsch CarrierCom, a Kapsch Group company, is a global developer of end-to-end telecommunications solutions for mission-critical networks. The innovative technologies, products and services cover the entire value chain, from planning, developing and producing to deploying, maintaining and operating. Kapsch CarrierCom is a leading expert in the Global System for Mobile Communication-Railway (GSM-R) standard. In addition, the company is growing its portfolio to address PS-LTE (Public Safety LTE) use cases as well as the next generation of railway communication networks. Kapsch CarrierCom also offers PMR (Private Mobile Radio) networks based on TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) and DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) standards. Its international customers include leading railway operators, utilities, public authorities, transport operators, and airports.

Kapsch CarrierCom invests intensively in research and development and is significantly involved in the development of the next generation of broadband solutions for mission-critical networks, for instance as an associated member of the European research initiative Shift2Rail.